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Sunday, January 02, 2022


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Tom & Debbie Smith

Janis and David,,

We are ‘recent’ transplants to Greensboro from the West Coast, moving to Gboro a little over 3 years ago.
We started following you when we bought a property 5 years ago in Hamilton Lakes. From 2500 miles away, we saw your pictures of the town we were eventually going to move, anxiously awaiting news of a grandchild. (Long story)
We feel very welcomed in our community and love the work you are doing to share the wonderful insights to now, our hometown.
A suggestion, if we may, for an upcoming GDP possibility. Our home, built in the later years of Hamilton Lakes (1952) is a humble little home, which we remodeled when we moved to Gboro in 2018. We have pics of the home (from the real estate listing in 2017) for a before and after pics.
We devoured all the history we could find about the home, and have tax records dating back to 1939, which shows Mary Leigh Scales on the deed (either wife or daughter of Alfred Moore Scales, founder of Hamilton Lakes). Longtime residents tell us they remember a home being on the property prior to 1952, (the date on record the house was built). We cannot confirm it, but the rumor is that there was a hunting ‘lodge’ on the property. We find it fascinating, thinking back when Hamilton Lakes was ‘way out in the country’.
While we don’t want to spoil the quite neighborhood we live in talking and publishing a GDP, we think it might be nice to share a bit of history with our fellow Greensboro citizens.
Thanks for your consistent, interesting, thoughtful portrayal of our ever changing, beautiful city. You capture, with each photo, the true heart of our city. For that we thank you, and are grateful for each photo that drops into our email each day.

Tom and Debbie Smith
Hamilton Lakes, Greensboro

Nollie W. Neill, Jr.

THANKS for all the GREAT photos!!

William Kendall

A good portrait of you both.

Katja Brown

Congratulations on going strong and not missing a beat for the 14th year in a row now Janis and David! Your blog has certainly enriched my life. Just last night, after the show "Come From Away" at the Tanger Center, my Zumba teacher Lenna Sikes introduced me to Mary Kate Holden. I looked at Mary Kate and I said: "Wait a minute. I know you!!!" Guess where I knew her from: https://www.greensborodailyphoto.com/2021/03/leigh-and-mary-kate.html

You have certainly achieved your goal of bringing people together, featuring special places in our community and highlighting many of the wonderful events we have in this area. Love you and will keep following you for the next 14 years ;)


Congratulations! This is quite an accomplishment, and Greensboro has been richer for it.

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