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Thursday, February 14, 2019


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William Kendall

At this time of year we don't see officers on bikes, but they are used in warmer weather.


Good to see Janis, it's the same here in Perth, love to see them slowly making their way around the city , stopping now and again to chat ✨

Walle, A

The Greensboro Police Department is nearly entirely corrupt; what it does in Westerwood is allow people to approach your person or your property endlessly hoping you do something illegal as Community Watch Gail Barger takes photos of you to frame and slander you--you could go to "the law" about that but will hear a lot of BS favoring "people with money" who according to the city "have always run things." Tell that to a homeowner she found dirt on--she slandered him which certainly cost him "money" probably. The Department has even been out to Catawba County on account of my big mouth; what will happen is if you do something illegal as you are endlessly contacted--one of the persons that contacted me Andrew Swofford--Closet Boy--whose mother I was told by the city "had money" if you do or say something off, the Department and the neighborhood association in Westerwood will post it to as many as possible leaving out the part about how you were endlessly contacted. There are plenty of people who know this information, Sgt. Patterson, Chief Hinson who ran from me in Center City Park when I approached him about all of this--Patterson set "an appointment" with which was opportunity for him to puff-up on someone "without money"--I don't advise going to GPDHQ without a witness--an appointment won't help you plus the officers who hit me up at Valley Hills Mall--the manner and nastiness of how they approached from behind identical to what I just described, how Gail Barger and Kim Maynard both repeatedly endlessly contacted me by coming to the property to start trouble--they were trying to have me charged which finally happened, with the Department bailing out everyone, including Swofford, who'd broken into a house before a few properties behind mine; it would be interesting if he were to spill the beans on the GPD some of whom are simply full of it.

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