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Saturday, May 05, 2018


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What? You mean Chevron isn't financing these buses? :) You are very fortunate. We've got a few old, smoking buses here but they don't go anywhere. You know this is all Eisenhower's fault. After WWII, he kowtowed to the auto and bus companies and built Interstates instead of railroads. Meanwhile companies like GM (which actually helped the Nazis during the war - e.g. the Opel) bought out the electric tram companies so they could sell their buses and of course everyone wanted to go zippety-do down the new highways so cars sold like crazy and the trains went bust and here we are with global warming a terrible problem and the plutocrats still raking in the dough.

Therefore, I am delighted to see these electric buses. I know it still takes some fossil fuel energy to run them but not much and they're a wonderful addition to your city. That's why I appreciate your blog - even though Greensboro is in the south, it's quite a progressive city. Be proud!

William Kendall

Ours are not electric, alas.

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