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Friday, April 27, 2018


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You fooled me! I kept looking for a farm! And I said, "That's no farm, that's a mansion!" Now I know what you were referring to. This is my kind of place but 1) I couldn't afford it, 2) Lois Anne would leave me cuz she wouldn't want to clean it! Can't say I blame her, but I do love these big, beautiful homes.


Hi Jan...I accidentally deleted your comment on Ocala, and I've been trying successfully to get it back. Here's the comment:

Love houses of this vintage and generation. Would love to see a full shot of it. Maybe they'll decorate the tractor for Christmas and Halloween.

Do you think you could repost it for me? I'm very sorry, I was just not paying attention and hit the wrong button at the wrong time.

William Kendall

A terrific shot, Jan!

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