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Wednesday, May 25, 2016


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William Kendall

Good of them to protest that particular brand of nonsense.

Melody Steenkamp

think that was nice?!

Have a nice abcwednes-day / – week
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Janis Dority

Hooray for the Townspeople and their common sense in protesting this!
A fine array of people they appear to be as well too bad the state legislature could not have as much sense.

Roger Green

Wow. My sister lives in Charlotte, so I feel sorry for you and her dealing with this silliness. A friend of mine has a 10 y.o. daughter who was visiting relatives in FL, and she was barred from the girls' bathroom because she looked too much like a boy!


Reader Wil

One of my daughters was only 6 years old and looked a bit like a boy. We were at a campside and she wanted to go to the bathroom, but was sent back. So she came to me crying telling me that a woman had told her that she had to go to the gents.I was angry of course.
Well I hope that this nonsense will soon be over. Good luck townspeople!
Wil, ABCW Team

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