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Wednesday, June 17, 2015


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Good to see people out exercising. When younger, Lois and I often went biking after work in the evening.

I've got a couple pairs of Wrangler jeans in my closet. I bought 'em in Colorado at a Walmart in a place where there were no options. In my early teens in Los Angeles, you would not wear Wrangler jeans. You had to wear Levis with the red tag! I still prefer Levis over all other jeans, but I have to take out a loan when I want to buy a pair! :)


Ha! I guess no cowboys work here. No horses. Not trending.

Roger Green

I think YOU will be able able to XAMINE some ZESTY place for al[phabet's end.


William Kendall

I vary between Wranglers and Levis.

Ruby Manchanda

I rarely wear wrangler but i liked this picture a lot

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