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Sunday, February 01, 2015


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Yup, people is what I'd miss, well some people anyway!


Totally with out, in my place too, i miss the people so much


Love the lantern in your photo. And I like your explanation of your photo.


Nice entree, greetings from Tilburg

Liene K

Followed over from your comment on Greenville's Daily Photo... You've captured this evening moment, and I enjoyed your essay. Although I live in Greenville, I would also miss the people. PS Are you by chance Latvian?


Like your explanation :)


Lovely take on the theme!

Janis & David

@Liene K... not sure exactly about exact ethnicity. What makes you think Latvian? Janis

Valladolid Daily Photo

Love your choice for the theme day. Well done!

Liene K

Janis is a very common Latvian name, but you would probably know if that were the case. It just caught my eye as you might notice my name is rather ethnic looking as well - Latvian :) Thanks for satisfying my curiosity!


Nice night shot!


Good choice for both themes!


I like your choice for this theme, nice night shot !


Very nice the way you combined the themes. Reminds of the old children's game where you use your hand - "This is the church, this is the steeple, open the doors and see all the people!"

And no, Jan, we did not buy that godawful chair! :)


Good balance for two themes, and a nice night shot to boot! Sounds like you've found a lovely place to call home.

William Kendall

Good choice for the theme! We've got ourselves regular Haunted Walks here.


The blue legs stand out . . . I was interested in reading your explanation.


Yes, the right people can make any place special. A great interpretation for this theme!

Re your question on my blog. Yes I did blog in my previous cities. I think you even used to visit me.

My first blog was in Jackson, MS:

And my most recent blog before moving to Berlin was in Toronto:

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