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Thursday, January 29, 2015


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i always thought it would be fun to work in an airport!


Most times the 3 letter codes are mysteries to outsiders. For example Portland International Jetport (the only jetport in the world I hear) is PWM. Wanna guess? Portland Westbrook Maine.


With that red construction fence, I thought at first it was a large supermarket. Looks like Greensboro is growing like the rest of the country. I thought GSO was a food supplement! :)

William Kendall

It'll take time to get done- our major airport was under renovations for some years, but the end result was well worth it.

Gemma Wiseman

An airport displaying artwork would be of great interest to those on long flight delays. Some creative ideas happening here.


Makes me want to fly somewhere. :)

Thanks for your question. Many places in the USA have an eruv, but I don't know how they call it. Yes, your word "atar" is old Hebrew verb meaning to surround, to encircle. So that would be appropriate in talking about an eruv. Thanks!


I am always curious about airports...

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