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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


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Been married for 40. We push on.


I remember David's Bridal in Ft. Lauderdale. One of our daughters checked out dresses there but they were pretty expensive.


Nice to keep it local and provide employment.
Joy - ABC Team

William Kendall

One of my brothers has a side business in wedding photography.

Janis & David

@Birdman... Love the comment, "We push on."
@Lowell..... Yes, weddings are expensive!
@Joy.. I love "keep it local" for the connections to the people.
@William... you should post one of your brother's photos sometime!

Roger Green

I TOTALLY misread something. I thought it was Trial Weddings, rather than Triad Weddings!

Janis & David

@Roger.... the ones that didn't last were "Trial" weddings! LOL!


We're kind of remote so keeping things local is a popular mantra. But we do have a wedding cake and cupcake maker who's very successful -- she makes and delivers cakes to a large region. Weddings are such a big business! (Thanks for visiting Sequim Daily Photo!)

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