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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


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Very interesting
Have a beautiful day!

David T

Looks like a pumpkin or an orange.


Just breathe then...


How curious.

William Kendall

Nice contrasts in colours!

Roger Green

Excellent! BTW, saw 15 cents lying on the ground yesterday.


Diane Westwell

We have a few Oil Rigs dotted around The British Isles, I would love to go aboard one and watch the production.
My youngest daughter's best friend's partner works on one it The North Sea, off Aberdeen Scotland.
It's a wildly dangerous occupation, recently his second child was born and he couldn't get home for three days because of the violent gale force winds that were battering The British isles.
He then had a hairy helicopter ride to the mainland.
After that he flew to a local airport and the winds were so high that the plane had to abandon it's landing, and fly further away to land safely.
Ironically, he hates flying yet he took the job to support his family, so 'hats off' to that young man!
Hopefully they'll be in their lovely new house for Christmas, thanks to his endeavours

Best wishes,
Di xx

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