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Thursday, May 08, 2014


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Mary Ann Johnson

Nice parallel lines visually as well as philosophically with the generated power and wind power. Great.

Janis & David

Mary Ann: Those power lines are there just jumping out at us! Thank you for pointing that out to us!

William Kendall

Quite a contrast between the back yard and office towers.

Billy Jones

Homeland Ave was part of ORD. (Overseas Replacement Depot) the WW2 US Army Base that was located here in Greensboro. Most of the housing on Homeland Ave was apartments intended for lower ranking officers and the highest ranking enlisted men who were stationed at ORD full time. Those same buildings built in the 1940s are the ones in your photograph after having gone through numerous remodelings.

Higher ranking officers and their families lived in the single family homes still standing in the area of Winston Street between Bessemer and Market where most of us recognize as being next to ORD where the rows of giant Quonset huts are located. The Quonset huts and other long houses were temporary housing for almost every Soldier who ever went to Europe during WW2.

I think almost every US Army base everywhere has a Homeland Ave. You'll note that the entrance ramps leading from Lindsey St to US29 South and Bessemer East to US29 North are both also named Headquarters Drive. The old headquarters building, I think, is located on Headquarters Drive next to the bridge on Bessemer Ave. US29 bisected it all in the mid 1950s and Bessemer was widened from 2 lanes to 4 lanes at the same time.

Billy Jones

Correction: Those apartments were not built by the Army. The Army built at the other end of Homeland Ave.

Janis & David

As always, thank you Billy Jones for all this information on the east side of Greensboro!

Billy Jones

You're welcome! It is prison after all. A, I mean home.

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