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Saturday, May 17, 2014


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Dianne Swayne

The above pictured ducks are Mallards.


I had to look twice, and re read to check you did say, swimming pool. How strange.

Janis & David

Yes, @Jane, they live in a swimming pool. @Diane, thanks. I used to think mallards were the males. Then remembered they are the drakes. What are the females? Mallard-ology 101......

William Kendall

I suppose they enjoy a slightly different swimming experience, because there's no food down below. It makes for a great contrast though.

Dianne Swayne

the female Mallard is a hen, the babies are ducklings...Yes, the male Mallard is a drake.


Oh this looks so familiar to me GDP.. we have a pair, and yes they are the same pair (one has a limp)that come and land in our pool every winter.. Not that happy about it as they make a dreadful mess, but they look so cute swimming about in there :)

Janis & David

@Grace.... We'll have to look out for a limp!


Fantastic reflection.


Very nice 'portrait'!

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