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Thursday, April 10, 2014


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William Kendall

It could even be seventies, I'd think. Quite yellow!

Janis of So Cal

Looks like a late 1970s short bed...very popular with the vintage truck crowd.
Judging from the dual exhaust without tips and the after market wheels with raised white letter tires this is a loved truck just getting ready for Summer cruise nights after a long Winter of nothing but work days.
Bet that bumper will be back and it will be a custom or clean original!
The Southeastern Truck Nationals for Chevy & GMC trucks is held in July in TN each year!


I thought 70's when I saw it. Great capture.

Billy Jones

1967-1972 guaranteed. I know my old pick-up trucks. I always wanted one. In 1973 the taillights were mounted higher and wrapped around the corners of the bed. The body became more rounded. I bought a brand new Chevy pick-up in '74 to replace the '55 Ford pick-up I was driving. Then I lost my job, sold the '74 Chevy and bought a used '71 Ford from my Daddy-- best truck I ever had. Drove it hard over 20 years and 300,000 miles.

And when you crunch the numbers, old trucks are like old houses. If they're in good tune they are greener than all the materials and energy it takes to build a new one despite their emissions. And when it comes to fuel efficiency, while cars are much better today than they were in the '70s, pick-up trucks remain just about the same. Their height, weight and the open box on the back pretty much defeats any and all efforts at fuel economy.

Driving my '88 Dodge D-150 kills my wallet but I couldn't imagine life without the means to haul... Well, I've got a backyard farm and shop to run. That's why I also have a Toyota car.

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