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Monday, March 24, 2014


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Janis of So Cal

This photo just whets my appetite!
This is what I do for a living as well you know and the mere sight of a roadside sale sets my heart aflutter.
Over the weekend I went to a couple of estate sales that held no treasures for me but on the way home I saw a sale in the neighborhood starting to clean up and put away their stuff so I stopped.
Turned out to be the older sister of a guy I went to school with cleaning out their Mom's estate which they had left undone for over a year. I caught up on their gossip, shared mine and brought home a ton of vintage craft, tole painting and Doll making magazines to sell on ebay later this Spring.
You just never know what awaits you at a sale! The sister thought of the big pieces of furniture as the real valuable items so she made me a great deal just to "get rid" of the craft magazines!

William Kendall

I have a cousin who loves garage and yard sales. And in May sometime, a neighbourhood I'm in most days has a huge garage sale event, organized by the community, with a portion going to charity.

Oakland Daily Photo

Yard sales are one of my favorite activities. Thanks for featuring.

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