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Monday, May 13, 2013


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Selma, Ala., Daily Photo

He looks like he's getting some good care there.


"Clowder?" I didn't know that! :) Cats are quite resourceful and your area isn't that cold (right?) so they can survive the winter. We saw several of these in Tampa awhile back - along the waterfront.


We have an active group here in Columbus to help the cats; Allied Cats, I believe. If owners would spay and neuter their pets we wouldn't need programs like these. He's a cutie!

Nature Advocate

It's nice to see that today's students would rather wallow in a bliss of self-inflicted ignorance rather than face up to FACTS and the REAL world by poking their own eyes out and the eyes of everyone else (i.e. deleted posts). Not only ensuring their own bliss borne of ignorance but the ignorance of everyone else, never alerting anyone to the reality of how their INVASIVE SPECIES feral-cats WILL infringe on the rights and health of all other life on earth. But then again, what can be expected of people that obtained their formative education on namby-pamby bambi-cartoons and religious works of fiction while living in their mommies' basements. The only thing that this will prove is that no matter how you get a diploma it won't mean squat to anyone. And most certainly not to yourself. (Mark my words.)

And the bliss-ninnies go marching along ....

To the rest of you? Find an institute of learning that has more than a 3rd-grade elementary school level of education permeating its halls.

You fools just get sadder and sadder! LOL

(Censorship: The very last bastion of the brain-dead followers of any completely proved false and totally FAILED religion (like TNR).)

Chris Wooten

I live in North Carolina and also do Trap, neuter and return. I pay for all cost of vet and food,etc. out of my own pocket, but it is worth every penny to help animals that mankind put here in this situation.

I feed 32 feral cats in one country neighborhood and the only wild life that I ever find there death are snakes and mice. If the colony is fed daily there is no need to kill for food.

A feral cat will always looked groomed to where a stray might look a little shaggy or dirty.

Many people believe that if they call animal control on these cats it will solve the cat population. This is NOT true. If you have a colony of cats that a caretaker has took the time to spay/neuter they will live among humans very nicely. Cats are territorial and for the most part they keep new cats from moving into their area. But, if you remove the feral colony then the area will populate once again with new cats. So this being said it is better to manage and maintain that colony and let the cats die off naturally than to remove them.

I hope that if you see a stray, feral cat you will trap it and get it fixed. This is a great way to help the state. Start in your own neighborhood. Chances are great that every neighborhood has feral cats you just might not see them often because they come out mostly at night when you sleep. I had surgery and stay up late when I moved here and saw a stray late one night thinking there was only 1, but it turns out when I started to trap for this one, I caught a cat I had not seen and the rest is history. As of to date this area I speak of have 32 feral cats all fixed and up to date on shots.

Please cats do not transmit disease to dogs, nor to dogs transmit to cats. Cat are not spreading disease like some want you to believe. I know this for a fact. I feed a total of 75 feral cats each day and last year alone trapped 94 feral kittens and they all live in a forever home now as it should be. If you work with these cats daily you learn the truth and the truth is they can live out a happy life right along side us humans.

I feel we put them there and it is up to each of us to help them. So please start in your neighborhood or your street today to help out these homeless unwanted cats.

chris@iwooten.com ps forgive any mistakes in spelling etc sent from my phone.

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