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Monday, April 08, 2013


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EG CameraGirl , Canada

I don't think I've ever seen a car quite like that - or maybe my memory is just not that good.

Jane Mitchell

I have no idea about the model or make, but my father had a Chrysler sedan when I was growing up that was two-toned in those same colors. I loved it.

C Bond

Studebaker wagon early 60's

Janis & David

Thanks, C Bond!

Stefan Jansson

Yhat would have been fun to shoot in the Brenizer style. Groovy color.

Sue Hughes

I thought it was a Ford Falcon from early 60s. maybe a Studebaker, I will send pic to my brother who is an expert on old cars, and officer of the NC Studebaker club.

Sue Hughes

okay, I have had several guess on the make/model of this old car. so far: Nash Rambler, Henry-J, Ford Falcon, Studebaker. Do you have an identity yet? You can follow the conversation on my FB page

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