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Monday, April 01, 2013


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Billy Jones

Yeah, at taxpayers' expense thanks to a Downtown Greensboro Incorporated bond funded by the City of Greensboro. And who sets on the Board of Directors at DGI? None other than Milton Kern, owner of the Biltmore Hotel.

Corporate welfare strikes again.

Janis & David


You know so much about the inner workings of Greensboro. We had no idea. We just drive by and snap photos and read up as we can.

Have you though of starting a daily blog? Whom do you read now that Ed Cone is not blogging? You know so much about Greensboro!

Janis & David

Billy Jones

Most people have no idea, that's what allows it to go on.

As for starting a blog, I'm already the most well known blogger in Greensboro. Even Ed Cone never saw the worldwide traffic I see at http://www.BloggingPoet.com and my political rantings at http://greensboroperformingarts.blogspot.com/ are scaring the wits out of the local elites. And if you're into science fiction comedies http://www.wackemall.com is an ongoing fictional tale of Greensboro.

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