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Saturday, February 09, 2013


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Janis & David

Correction made. The last line should read.... "NOT snowed under," not "now snowed under."


Nice photo.

Those are beef cattle, not dairy.

Janis & David

Thanks, Hugh. That is what I figured; however, these seem to be a lot of "fun facts" for dairy cattle on the internet, so we added some trivia and a link. We are lucky to have readers who help us learn- one of the rewards of a city daily photo site.


The dairy industry in NC went into steep decline a generation ago.

The ruins are still visible if you take a ride in the far SE portion of the county along Hwy. 62.

Abandoned farm/silo/barn one after another...

Janis & David

I guess what you are saying is that, in Guilford County, most of those _____ Dairy Roads no longer lead to dairies.....

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