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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


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Roger Green

Does look a tad ominous. Air and water - the most vital stuff.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team


Clever idea for 'A'. Glad it was just fog for you.

Jane Mitchell

Love the photo and the new ABC theme.

Reader Wil

"Keeping Greensboro Green" is a great device.I hope that this year we are all trying to live more attentive to the environment.
Wil, ABC Team.


Well, I for one would prefer fog and mist to smog! You've captured it nicely.

abcw team


Nothing like fresh air to keep the lungs working.
Makes one wonder why more isn't done about the air quality in China, since they have all the bucks nowdays.

Janis of So Cal

I am used to a certain level of smog in warm weather here in So Cal, not that it is acceptable in any way but it is at much. much lower levels than back in the 1960 and 70s. Fog is lovely but so clingy and damp.
What a great theme for ABC Wednesday! We are going to learn things this round I am sure!
I decided to stick around for another round as well.
My theme is Antiques and Collectibles (I think I can manage that!) hopefully it will keep me on task.

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