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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


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A lovely property and very stately home - and what a mysterious neighborhood! I'm intrigued! We could make stuff up and write a little novella about why the homes are so large and concealed, the neighborhood so discrete, and the reason for its close proximity to an airport. I say it's a neighborhood full of smugglers who need lots of storage for their loot and quick access to transport. Probably smuggling Big Gulp sodas into NYC! lol

Btw, I think "Smuggles" would be a cute name for a cocker spaniel. :-)

Roger Green

Charlotte, NC has managed to annex almost all the neighboring area, so everything falls under its tax jurisdiction.


What a pretty place. I love all the trees and the brick homes.
Great capture of the long shadows.


What a beautiful home in a beautiful setting! Upwards of half a million??? That's cheap in my neighbourhood and my house isn't near as new and nice as this one!

abcw team

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