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Monday, October 08, 2012


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Janis of So Cal

Those eggplant look very good! I really like them and good fresh ones are hard to find even at the farmer's markets here. Because they are a fragile crop and we have a short season because of the very hot Summers they are just now coming into their own here.
I like to saute slices,very lightly breaded,in olive oil and serve with crusty bread,sliced tomato,fresh mozzarella a dollop of plain yoghurt and a good Balsamic drizzle ...lunch may happen early now!LOL!

Seasonal foods are about tradition in California since we are blessed with a year-round bounty from up and down the coast as well as the bread basket of the central valley. I hang around a lot of "foodies" and there is a definite change in menu when the weather changes,for example we just entered Chili season even though many hot dogs were slathered with it over the Summer.
Here Cornbread begins in the Autumn and ends in late Spring(it all has to do with turning the oven on or not).
Watermelon although available all year is only sweet,tasty and crisp from June through September.
As we all know Starbucks declares when Pumpkin Season begins.
I wonder how Linus Van Pelt would feel about that?


Eggplant looks good.

I've never had Okra that size that was edible. It's like chewing wood.

Janis & David

Hugh: You caught us. Many of the larger pods of okra weren't edible. However, that was our fault, not natures. We just didn't harvest them soon enough. I can tell by the first knife slice if they will be edible or not. If we can't eat them, we toss them in the compost pile.

Thanks for commenting!

NC Janis..... as you notice above, we have a CA Janis friend!


I learned that lesson the hard way from a garden that was over-fertilized with chicken manure.

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