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Thursday, September 13, 2012


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While I am not an essential service - I deliver newspapers in the middle of the night - I am thrilled when I can find a house number prominently displayed. There are many that are difficult to find and brass numbers are the worst as they tarnish and become nearly invisible at night.

I like the numbers on the curb, now if only we could get the snow to work its way around that it would be perfect!


Great house! And great idea to paint the number on the curb!
Sometimes in France it is hard to find an address because there are no numbers at all in a great portion of the street!
Thanks for sharing;o)

*** Happy day****

Jack Hart

We have one of the blue reflective signs with the number in white reflective letters, No question the fire or police would find us fast! I think the boy scouts here in Hickory sell them through the fire departments.

Greensboro Daily Photo

Thanks Violet Sky. We didn't even think of the newspaper carrier who needs to deliver before dawn!

Mildred, sounds like France has an even bigger problem. Must be left over from the days when you could say "it's at the white house at the end of the road, by the lavender field owned by Mr. Lautrec... and everyone knew what you meant.

And Jack, We need one of those signs. Just might need to make a Hickory where, if memory serves, every other street has the number 2nd in it! Boy did we get confused the first time we visited.

Great day of comments, dear readers!

Janis & David


This is a wise post. We used to have kids paint the sidewalks, but I haven't seen that in years. At least our Connecticut home has a very visible sign with numbers by the front door and our Florida home has the numberds conspicuously written in white on the black mailbox by the street.

Jack Hart

Was going to post a photo of our street sign, can't figure out how to do it.

Janis & David

Sorry, Jack. Would love to see the photo of your sign!

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