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Friday, August 31, 2012


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Janis Of So Cal

Love the Volvo Wagon!
The Flea Market and Gun Show in Hillsville sounds good. My Dad's people are from there a few generations back,around the 1840s. One of my Uncles went traipsing through very old graveyards there to find them in person and do rubbings of their headstones,there wasn't much for him to take away but a wicked case of poison ivy/oak however.
There are still shirt tail relatives there from the Shockley side of the family.
My Uncle Norman did bring me something besides information from that trip,A Cemetery Ear,it is a curled carob tree pod from the graveyard ,the seeds have long ago dried up inside and it rattles when you shake it. Uncle Norman said that was the sound of all the secrets the Cemetery Ear had heard while it was still there.
I had awesome Uncles!

Lancel France

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