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Sunday, July 08, 2012


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Janis of So Cal

I am going to email you a picture of my HHR window from a couple years ago. I often see people taking photos of it or kids who play internet game enjoying of it but this was the most geeky dust message ever! I apparently rolled a "+5" for window awesome!
These are people from a game called KOL Kingdom of Loathing. It is fun and snarky mocking every walk of life and quoting pop culture in a too close to home way that makes it very interactive. The things you cannot see in this photo are the license plate and Rat Fink sticker,also icons of the So Cal Kustom Kulture lifestyle.
MY plate id " fink U " .
I never really have tailgaters,just fans.
Once I was driving to Comic Con and transporting Zombie Girl in the passenger seat,someone took a picture,not unusual. Then weeks later that person told someone they knew who published a Zombie novel in AZ about the car they saw and it turned out to be a guy I used to work with !They didn't believe him that he knew me and I emailed him a picture at work and told them yes it was just a small zombie filled world!

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