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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


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Fred Robbins

Just so you'll know, the blue sedan is a 1986 Chevrolet Caprice. Also, you featured my car back in June 2010. It was the turquoise 1960 Pontiac Catalina that was spotted at The Red Collection. Thank you, Fred Robbins

Roger Green

This is a WONDERFUL piece of a living history!

(And I know for nothing about car makes myself)>

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

cathy cusson

Looking through your archives, I found a picture of Adam's Hair Studio, but no way to comment on that photo or email you. The date is Jan. 3, 2009. My father and I designed this building to be a florist. This was before architects needed licenses, etc. and could work independently. We worked together as a team a lot. James Cusson was his name and he worked out of an office in our home. It was thrilling to see a building I helped design and have often talked about for years.

Janis & David

Thank you so much Fred, Roger and Cathy for your comments. I will go in and make the vehicle correction, Fred. How cool that we featured your car and you FOUND IT!!!!!

Cathy, your comments are the kind that we TREASURE. You and your dad have added significantly to Greensboro's architecture. Everyone knows this building. I'd love to see it returned to its original glory. If GDP were a revenue generating venture, this is the kind of building/project we'd invest in!!!!


The title caught my interest especially the end part.. But I like the post. Interesting to read history

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