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Friday, June 08, 2012


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Janis of So Cal

Did you get to speak to the cars owner? Maybe it has a dual meaning.Perhaps they are against oil fracking and /or fans of Battlestar Galactia, the thrice lived Science fiction tale where when things go wrong they use the term "Frack and fracking" as an alternative to the earth english term that sounds very much the same. "Frack you!" is heard in many Con parking garages when fender benders happen.
I like to confuse the general public. I have a series of modified stick figure family characters that are made to look like they are from an on line RPG called Kingdom of Loathing...they have all met their demise. An Ed "Big Daddy" Roth Rat Fink sticker lives on the other corner of the back window.
This is all above a license plate that reads " FINK U" for Rat Fink...of course!
Funny thing a friend had a photo sent to him on FB of the back of my car somewhere near Phoenix AZ when O was at a Comic Con there.They captioned it "Who on earth would be driving this?" He had to respond that he actually knew exactly who!

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