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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


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It looks great.


Wow, that's really cool and creative.


How wonderful! Paper cutouts as street art - sounds even more difficult than airbrushing.

Janis Of So Cal

A True beauty. The work is made more lovely in a way because it is there for the moment ,like a real flower transient and temporary.

Rae Alton

I did a little bit of digging; 99blocks is reporting that this is the artist: http://kangslee.tumblr.com/


Thank you so much, Rae.

Looking at the TUMBLR photos, that you linked for us, makes this artist even more intriguing.

Chris Morgan

Thrilled that Kang's creation was formally recognized. Although we all lament that this beauty is temporary, perhaps it is important that this particular kind of artwork speaks to the fleeting nature of beauty and how we need to NOTICE this beauty at every opportunity! Thank you, Kang, for taking your time to create this for public enjoyment! Chris Morgan, New Bern, NC

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