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Monday, January 02, 2012


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Your blog is obviously a labor of love. Thanks for all you have put into it for our education, enjoyment, and edification. May you never run out of new and interesting subjects.
Happy new year to you and all Greensboro.


Four years! Congratulations. This is a nice shot to start the next year. The downtown looks good on a dark night, with sparkling lights and the wet roads.


I just passed 3 years. GOOD for you. Keep your camera at the ready and push on to BIG 5.

Phil Kusiak

Four years gone and still following - keep on trucking. Happy New Year!


Fourth year BEGINS, Phil. Three under our belt. Thanks for all of your support! You are a faithful reader and great friend! Happy New Year to you and your family!

Jane Mitchell

All I can say is "AWESOME". Can you tell that I just spent the holidays with young folks? It seems "super" and "cool" have been replaced, at least by the 20 somethings. Just sign me "a loyal fan."


the light of this shot is just fantastic


Our compliment to your blog! You are a year ahead of us!


What a great night shot. Love it!

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