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Friday, January 06, 2012


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Jane Mitchell

It appears their gates are closed for good. http://www.digtriad.com/news/local/story.aspx?storyid=39218

Jack Hart

Yes, it was the same English company. I used to know a taster there, quite an interesting guy!

Dianne Swayne

Yes, it's from the same English company. My husband worked there in the mid-80's. They offered to send him to England, which, sadly we declined, but would've been great since he was born there, and is still a British Subject. didn't realize they were closing, according to the article above. I still buy and use Twinning tea where-ever it's sold. Love their packaging, it unique.

Julian Wellings

Greensboro was only the start of a factory rationalisation program. At the same time as Greensboro they closed a plant in France. They then built a large factory in Shanghai.
Last year they closed their productive and award winning plant in North Shields, UK and built a new facility in Poland to serve European markets. This just leaves one UK facility in Andover, Hampshire producing tea for the UK market.
The bulk of the tea sold in non UK markets is now produced in Shanghai or Poland. Twinings claim these moves are to take production closer to the markets they supply however cynics might say it is more to do with lower labour costs in China and Poland.


Thanks to all of you who are reading diligently and able to fill in the gaps of our knowledge. Involvement from readers is MOST appreciated. We learned a lot today. Sadly, the tea bags have left the city.

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