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Friday, January 20, 2012


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ann nz

I went back to the Smith street diner, the food must be very good to have a long queue.

I like the sloping roof of this building.

In two days time, I will be Chinese/Lunar new year, I dug up an old post as I haven't done one for this year's.

Yes, Cyber space is amazing. It is past mid night here.


neat little houses.....my husband has some ancestors from guilford county..one day i'll get down there for genealogy!


I like the contrasts of tones and textures in this beauty.


That's beautiful. I like houses like these painted in awesome colors.


Peter B

Very quaint, hope it does survive! Love the colors.


Mixed use streets like this have a tenuous existence in an age like this. There is a clash between the relentless march of commercialism, on the one hand, and between a small trend toward moving back into the city to shorten commutes, etc. It will be interesting how these forces play out here.

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