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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


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Jane Mitchell

I had forgotten that you had posted on IOB before. I just re-read your previous commentary and think it adds to this one. Hope your followers will all link back to the earlier one for greater edification.


Very interesting photo and post. Thanks for sharing a great information. ^_^

Letter B


Great post. I feel very blessed to have my sight and am amazed at how people can not only adapt but thrive in spite of being blind. I had a second cousin who lost her sight in an accident when she was around five and went on to be a very independent successful adult.

Carver, ABC Wednesday Team

Roger Green

Definitely an important service.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Oakland Daily Photo

I was touched and inspired by your reader's comment about her dad.

Janis Of So Cal

Aawww,thanks for reprinting my comment. I am going off to work the biggest carshow of the year with great memories of my Dad now. The building really does have a new view in a different light in this photo!


"her blindness was a gift to me" wows, what a great statemetn

Corel ware

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