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Saturday, November 05, 2011


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I looked at the link with the 300 year old tree. What an inspiration!!! Our neighborhood in Summerfield was developed in the 1980s. During that time the builders were careful to leave as many trees as possible on our heavily wooded lots. I love our property! We see a lot of different birds, blue-tailed skinks, deer, and even wild turkeys.



Horray for Summerfield and thank you for sharing that information.
Perhaps we can get you to give up a personal tour sometime!
We'd love to see a blue-tailed skink. Likely they are pretty dormant now!


Yep...oak trees can outlive us all. They provide the most glorious shade in the summer n piles of fun leaves to play in during the Fall.

Jane Mitchell

"Trees"--one of my favorite pieces. I used to play it on the piano and sing along. I've forgotten who wrote the music, but it was Kilmer's words. Thanks for reminding me with this special post.


So true about the oak tree, PA Janis

Louis la Vache

This reminds «Louis» of when he worked for the supermarket chain, Safeway. They wanted to build a new store on a site that had a historic tree on the property. The store was approved when the design included preserving the tree and literally building the store around it.


Love that homeowner's decision to build around it rather than cut it down...


It is so good then person sees the beauty of the nature and wants to remodel to join it. And thank you for the wonderful poem.


This is impressive. Nice to see their respect for this fine, old tree.

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