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Wednesday, November 09, 2011


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Pheno, ABCW Team

How positively quaint. admire him for his efforts

Pheno, ABCW Team

Jane Mitchell

Our community is richer for the presence of the Quaintances and their enterprises, especially the Green Valley Grill which is one of my personal favorites.


When I come to visit, I will stay at Mr Quaintance's hotel and visit with my acquaintances from Greensboro!

Louis la Vache

Good choice for "Q"!

Ms. Burrito

Wow that's very impressive that he only walks from home to work and vice versa. Inspiring!

Find out what Quiet is for my kids.

Roger Green

I like his attitude!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Janis Of So Cal

A community is better all around when the citizens believe in the common good.
Mr.Q seems to understand exactly what that means!
BTW ,that is a lovely Japanese Maple behind him in all the Autumn glory it can muster,very pretty!


Congratulations to Mr. Quaintance. He has shown that one can succeed and thrive by embracing strong, positive values.

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