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Monday, November 28, 2011


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That's a really different photo! Smashing!

Louis la Vache

From your text:
" Some communities, Lake Jeanette, for example, made a real effort for these water features to be well-landscaped to enhance the neighborhood. Other places, the Wal-Mart on North Battleground, for example, these ponds are less elegant as they tend to collect litter. "

Well, yes, Walmarts tend to collect litter. Most often of the two-legged variety:


How very interesting to read and of course to look at !
Christmas in advance in full celebration over here as well. At least, for those willing/able to.

Please have a good Tuesday.


A funny photo with great reflections. We have retention ponds here also which do a necessary job of holding excess water...under our soil is a plethora of limestone which leads to sinkholes which are no fun at all.

We're fine. Just took a break over the holidays. Still on break, but I'll be posting once in awhile. Thanks for asking. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

GW Bill Miller

When I looked at this yesterday I saw the pumpkins of course, but not the Koi. Thanks for your visit and your comment.

Oakland Daily Photo

Learned all kinds of things from this post. Never heard of retention ponds before. They sound like an excellent idea. And I would not have guessed that pumpkins float.


What a poetic photo here!

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