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Tuesday, November 01, 2011


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I often visit cemeteries in communities (especially pioneer cemeteries) because you get a feel of where the current citizens came from and some of the things they endured... nice fall shot!


I rather like this headstone. The simple design has stood the test of time.


Ai is a town or city founded by Abraham as mentioned in The Book of Genesis as a religious sanctuary. The name also is mentioned in The Book of Joshua, but this could be a different location.

Jane Mitchell

Cemeteries are fascinating places to visit--so much to learn about regional or national history and traditions, e.g. your previous July 31 post on the Hebrew Cemetery here and the placing of stones in lieu of flowers.

Janis of So Cal

I have always believed that someone is never really lost to us as long as one living soul remembers them.
I love and remember many,many of those who have gone before me. For some I have particular ways of honoring their memories. my Uncle Wilbur always used the term "Carry" differently than everyone else around here.He grew up along the Red River in Oklahoma in a time when horses and wagons were used before autos became the norm. When Uncle Wilber said he would carry you to the store or carry you home he just meant he would drive you there in the truck or land yacht of a Ford LTD . I try to make sure I use the term in my writing at least once a year.
I had my Aunt Bea until I was 12 and she is the spirit behind "Luaubee" at my Etsy shop,you can read about that on my profile there: http://www.etsy.com/people/luaubee
So have a pleasant and tranquil Dia De Los Muertos,lick sugar skulls 'til your tongue is numb!

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