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Tuesday, October 04, 2011


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Interesting Bugs.. love nature walks! Nice macro..


We have Boxelder bugs here too! Hardly anyone knows what they are when they move here,apparently the schools no longer teach about bugs at the elementary level and as busy adults people would rather play with their phones than learn about the natural world around them.Oh no! I am turning into that weird lady on the street who talks about bugs and rainfall tables...no wait I was always that person,everything is fine!
When I was little there was a movie,might have been Disney or Hal Roach studios called "The Ugly Bug Ball" About Hoppy the Grasshopper and his amazing life.It was shown at school break times so I recall it as an Easter movie but there is a Boxelder bug in there as a town father. I used to think they were "Halloween bugs" because we started seeing more of them as the seasons changed and they Wintered here in So Cal.
Thanks for the good press for Boxelders everywhere!
So Cal Janis


Dear So. CA Janis and Madge:

Nice to see somebody enjoyed the bug photo. I learned a lot from your comment CA Janis. So. CA and Piedmont NC have more in common than I thought!

NC Janis


They will that autumn is here and make their business quickly. I love nature walks!


The bugs are actually milkweed bugs, which live and feed on milkweeds. (Like the monarch butterfly caterpillar)


Wow! Thanks C Bond. When we searched, these looked like they had a little more orange on them than Boxelders. For archival purposes, we'll go back in and make corrections. Interesting that they are similar in color to the monarch butterflies. Could it be the food source?


The orange and black color combo seen in both milkweed bugs and monarch butterflies is a classic example of warning coloration (warning would-be predators that both these insects taste bad, due to poisons injested from the milkweeds.

That both are orange and black and milkweed eaters may well be a coincidence. Perhaps they both like Princeton University !?

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