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Saturday, October 01, 2011


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Ooh yes, I can just see me doing that with a whole swag of my prints - drown them in water for two years to ensure they last. Now I have to go look up the glicee process ...


Ooh, that's spooky,as though it's a lab specimen, which it is, sort of.

I walk a lot for exercise and make a practice of taking my camera with me, I must have thousands of images. A friend talked me into starting a blog last summer. People in Speedway are surprised at the beautiful little things I've found and, like you, I am learning so much about my community as I expand further into Indy and environs.


Quite an interesting mystery! Thanks for sharing. :)


That is very interesting...Nice shot!


Sara, We'd love to visit your "Speedway" blog. Please let us know.... Speedway, Where??, USA. You wouldn't believe what all comes up when one googles "Speedway." We want to visit your community blog!!

David & Janis


See below. I thought i'd come up automatically as you'd left a comment this morning. Of, I'm confused. I am in Speedway, Indiana, an incorporated town just outside Indianapolis, thought a part of it now, I guess. We are home to "that" famous race - rather the track is home to us as it was here first. :-)


very interesting


That is such a strange object, indeed... I like how it capture the light, in fact.


I feel the same way as you do about participating in the different memes-it does make you look at things differently.
& this is a very cool capture.


Things trapped in jars,always a favorite, weather they are spooky slightly eewwweeeyyy photos like a spirit held in watery time and place or that wonderful jar of buttons everyone's grandma had on the dresser.
I think I may get the "Young Frankenstein" jar out for Halloween this year, it is just a little "Abby~normal"!
Fun theme today,thanks!


Well, today on Greensboro Daily Photo, we've heard from PA Janis and CA Janis and I'm NC Janis. Think we should start a "Janis" Facebook page?


It is a frightening and mysterious picture.

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