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Saturday, October 29, 2011


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Thank goodness for social networking and media.

In the News & Record today, I don't see one photo of any of the great events that took place in Greensboro last night. Even the children carving pumpkins (in the LIFE section) are from Newport News, Virginia. Oh how I love news about LIFE in Greensboro. The Weatherspoon and Elsewhere Collaborative events, among others, deserved coverage.

I miss the "one stop reading" model of journalism for staying informed about the local community.

Janis of So Cal

I feel the same way about our "local" section, our paper The Press-Enterprise had been going downhill for the last 12 years. Owner/editor changes happened and now even the online edition is full of spelling errors,Sensational factual additions & omissions,geographic fantasy and generally Yellow Journalism.

I think the key word above is JOURNALISM. The classes are fewer and they are being taught on a business and science model not an art or craft model.
People have devalued the word and skill of "Craft" . To create something that did not exist before is to Craft. To keep that thing true to form and content yet interesting and understandable to the readers who may have known nothing about the subject is an Art.
Alright,off my soapbox I am done with OGD (Occupy Greensboro Daily) now!

On a much brighter note, I would love to have seen the Human Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper! My 31 Year old daughter still has her Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper, I think it has a very fancy pony on it.
Thanks for the note about my signature line of late. It just happened one day and I decided I liked it too because I have not left this place so "from" is not really correct but I am all the things this place and culture has made me over the years so for now I am...

Louis la Vache

«Louis» agrees with you that it is becoming increasingly rare to find crafts taught, whether journalism or any number of other skills. And today, too many "journalists" are doing nothing but promoting their political agenda instead of digging into the news, an example of which this week was the New York Times reporter who was also shilling for the OWS crowd.


I don't see the situation so much "yellow" journalism as much as the fact that the whole media model has changed. Generating revenue through ads has shifted and so money for reporters is not as readily available. Also, we all self publish. To an extent, we bloggers are self proclaimed photojournalists and learn by doing. I like having access to news on literally any topic about any place in the world at my fingertips. However, not having a central source to trust has created a scattered effect akin to diaspora.


Love that gal with the lavender hair... looks like a well attended event.

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