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Friday, September 09, 2011


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Katja Brown

I could imagine that the whole circle might have gotten started by putting the big boulders down to serve as benches for gatherings. Maybe people got so inspired by sitting in a circle and sharing that they started making art???

Linda Jacobs

I took a workshop once on stone balancing. It was fun! Cool shot!

Jane Mitchell

Reminds me of the Jewish tradition of placing stones on the grave when a visit is made. You introduced your readers to this custom in your July 31 post.


Interesting formation. Nice sky too!


interesting! we have "foamhenge" here...haven't seen it yet though ;)

Tatjana Parkacheva

Very interesting post.



Very peaceful indeed,reminds me of many ancient stone circles I have seen in Scotland. They feel like magical places full of energy.

barb farr

I bet they have one for each member of the family : )


love this
reminds me to post a picture of our loghenge

Jackie from Yorkshire

An interesting photo, I wonder what is behind the idea too. For balancing rocks you should visit Brimham Rocks in Yorkshire, fantastic rock formations balanced seemingly precariously by a glacier in the distant past.

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