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Sunday, August 07, 2011


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Katja Brown

I just returned from Germany on Thursday, 8/4/11. I am used to seeing headscarves in Germany but never before had I seen women in burquas as I have seen them now in Bavaria. Islam is the largest minority religion in Germany. Turkish workers have been brought over to do manual labor starting in 1961. Germans call them “Gastarbeiter” which means guest workers. Currently 4.3 Million Turkish Muslims reside in Germany. Most of them came from the Rural Region of Anatolia in Southeast Turkey. They are sometimes called a "parallel society" within Germans because they have no intention to integrate. Their goal is to make enough money to be able to retire comfortably in the Turkish region that they came from.

Please read this interesting article about integration:

Jane Mitchell

This is a real eye-opener for me since I had no idea there was such a large Muslim population in Greensboro. Katja's article on integration in Germany illustrates a growing problem all over.


Wow, I've never seen such colors. Sure is different from basic black.

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