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Saturday, August 13, 2011


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Perhaps it is just poor writing, but it appears that you are lumping CCW permit holders into the same catagory as those carrying concealed weapons illegally and thus both being a threat to the Police.

The CCW holders are exercising their rights and being responsibile for their own personal safety. They have been fully vetted by the Sheriff's department with background check, fingerprints, etc.

They aren't who the Police should be concerned with as "fearing for their lives with every turn of the pedal". The reality here is that the 6 tighly knit Police riding in formation is cute promotion, but does nothing to make me feel safe enough to come into Greensboro on a weekend night and feel comfortable moving around to the theater, parking and the restaurants. That's why I carry.

Michelle Mitchell

Oh my goodness. This is not the Greensboro News and Record. If you didn't already have a chip on your shoulder you would not have understood what the writer was trying to say here. These folks are providing a community service and don't deserve this kind of trash talk or innuendos. My son is a CCW permit holder and he didn't take offense. Get a life.

David T

Maybe "risk their lives with each turn of a bike pedal" is hyperbolic, but the underlying point is that policemen have dangerous jobs and there are a lot of guns out there, legally and otherwise.

We'll leave it to our readers and the community at-large to form their own opinions about CCW permits. Our intent was to point out the number of permits issued, not to equate legal permit holders with thugs.

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