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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


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Gunn White

I live in the "southern-west " part of Norway. We have plenty of rain, so looking at your beautiful image, I just tell myself that ONE DAY I will hopefully have a similar look!:)


I'm not 'officially' Southern, but I've been living in the South for two years. From what I've observed...you've pretty much nailed the description. But, I would be interested in what other 'real' Southerners might-could add to your list!

Jane Mitchell

I recall reading that when a Hopi mother corrects a child, she says "that is not the Hopi way." I often feel like saying to some recent arrivals in the south--"that is not the Southern way." By this I mean a softer attitude in speech and action toward others.


I am a "Southern" Californian,however my Dad's people are from Idabel Oklahoma and that is as far South as Oklahoma goes!
To be Southern is everything you said,right on the nose. It is also to have a vast store of sage sayings for every matter,to have Uncles who offer to "carry" you to the store and they really mean drive you in the car!
It is to not have Air Conditioning,or to at least remember what it is like to only cool with fan and that ice water you displayed so well.
It is to attend picnics with elaborate amounts of salads ,tablecloth anchors and fly tents for the dishes.
It is to know and love Okra rolled in cornmeal &fried in bacon fat saved from last week.
It is eating a homegrown tomato sandwich over the sink because , well where else would you eat such a thing!


Jane, Janis, Gunn, and Eleanor--- I LOVE your responses. Collaboratively, we could write a book! The images are so upbeat and positive!

Please return and comment often!


oh that looks heavenly!


Sorry GDP, I'm not a southerner. But how I love to hear a southern accent. The words are drawn long, the sound is lyrical and I just can't seem to make heads or tail as to what is being said. It's plain old fun and lovely!

I had a fun time here today! Thanks.


Umm ... chocolate gravy on biscuits for breakfast?

I feel very fortunate to have experienced Southern life in rural Arkansas for six years, to 2002, although the Yankees outnumbered the Southerners among us volunteers living at Heifer Ranch [Heifer Project International].


Dina, Chocolate Gravy! My mom did not make this,she was a fried pies sort of Mom but my best friends mom did! Whenever I was there before school or for a sleepover that is what we had for breakfast! Just us kids,her parents had juice and bacon,eggs and biscuits,a grown up meal.
Just reading that made my tongue happy!

barb farr

Enjoyed you mini-class on what it is to be 'southern'.

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