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Saturday, July 02, 2011


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This is so beautiful and promising, you have to post some more pictures of this event.

Katja Brown

You really captured that from a great angle! These sculptures out of tissue paper were very interesting and I am glad that Elsewhere invites artists like Laurencio Ruiz to come to the city and exhibit their art work!


I agree Katja! We are so lucky to have the great opportunities made available by Elsewhere. VP, I don't know if the balloons will be up again.

Lighting was very challenging at this event. The balloons were in a giant patch of shade surrounded by bright sun, so I tried to compensate with an interesting composition. Thank you for noticing Katja.

barb farr

They are definitely brightly colored. I get the colored pencil image.


They're awesome! I can see that the adults like them as well... I know my nephew and nieces would be fascinated by them. Good stuff GDP!
Happy 4th of July!

:) Thanks for the heads up.

ann nz

I think of color pencils, my students always want to use my special pencil sharpener.

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