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Friday, July 29, 2011


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Montreal Photo Daily

It will look nice, I think. From what I can make out, it may have a small clock tower. I like. :)
Have a happy Friday, GDP!


seeing new construction is a good thing, economy must be doing alright!


THANK YOU for giving your time and efforts to share a bit about Greensboro every day! #gso


I hope they will make an effort for the building to be visually pleasing and environmentally sound.


The flags are at the top of the crane and the top of the building,above the rest of the work going on so as to never be soiled!
It is indeed very good to see a building going up instead of being torn down or standing empty(we have a lot of the empty sort around here ).
If someone were to Bungee jump that crane looks like it would do the trick but that will never be me!
Bungee Balls are the 9" long loops of cord with a plastic ball at the end (like a big, huge ponytail holder!) that hold down tarps and canopies,I am fixing the carport!
Have a great weekend ahead!

Magical Mystical Teacher

Keep going back to this site, OK? I'd like to see a photo of the vault being installed!


When planets plummet
And comets careen,
It’s the strangest sight
You ever have seen.

When drunk stars stagger
And comets collide,
It’s time to look up
As you go outside

To stare at the sky
Where the strangest sight
Is the moon-faced thing
That you see at night.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

cement mixer

I would like to see the building after it's completion. It seems that construction is proceeding well.

beam anchors

North Carolina has shown a lot of promises in construction business but they can't keep up with Dubai in terms of advancement.

fake grass

That is a nice shot. Lots in it to look at. I like the mannequin in the background on the right, in a ballet pose, I think.

wall ties

I'd love to see the outcome of this construction. Is this constructions done yet? The people behind the construction of this building must be very keen and vigilant to every single and small detail. Those are important traits to make this a high quality building. I look forward to seeing the completed First Citizen Bank.


Is this done yet? If so, I would love to see the finished building. I look forward to seeing the photos of the new First Citizen Bank. I am pretty sure that the project turned out great.

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