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Saturday, July 09, 2011


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Abandoning Eden

They also have great sandwiches! One of the only places I know on campus where you can get awesome bistro-style sandwiches, it's my #1 place to go to for a quick lunch. I have not tried their gelato yet but it always looks amazing when I am in there.


This one's a winner GDP! I really like the mood of this photo.
Btw, you are absolutely dead on about having to carry a camera EVERYWHERE we go. With house keys, iPOd, doggie stuff and doggie in tow, not easy! Might have to consider getting a murse... hehe. No way.

Have a great weekend guys!


So nice to start the day with comments from a local blogger (Abandoning Eden) and our blogger friend from Montreal (Ken). As always, hoping to hear from the rest of you!


I like the shillouette. You could be a great advertisement for this place, the way you described the coffee...it made me want some..LOL

Leif Hagen

Looks like a cozy, relaxing place where I'd want a cafe mocha with whip and a sweet treat! Yummy!


Atmosphere is just as important as excellent coffee. A true test is is the 'black' - no doctoring needed!

Lindy MacDuff

Every town needs a really great coffee house and, by your description, it sounds like Coffeeology fits the bill.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Weekend Reflections post. Hope you have a great weekend!


My kind of place. You found a nice mood here.

Oakland Daily Photo

Looks like my kinda place. Calm and quiet. And with good coffee.


This is a really cool shot! I like it!


I just discovered a new coffee place from one of your ads. Looks like they might have good food too! :)

Phillip Joel Williamson

Nice shot, that is one handsome stud in the photo. It's me! When I'm in town Coffeeology is indeed a favorite stop. I have known the owners for years long before they opened the place. I'm happy they did!

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