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Monday, May 30, 2011


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A classic shot for the day... bet it would look fine in b/w too.

Greensboro Daily Photo, NC

Thank you birdman. We considered black and white but wanted a little red, white, and blue!

How is everyone else in America spending this holiday? Maybe you are at the beach and away from the Internet!


Very poignant photo... simple and yet very telling. Have a great day.


Thank YOU for remembering to commemorate Memorial Day is honor to all who gave some and some who gave all!

Jack Hart

Dad is buried at Mountain Home Cemetary in Johnson City, TN. I stop by from time to time for a visit. Some of the best times I have is there with him. He was Navy, WWII, the captain let him steer the boat on day...an LST...he steered right into one of Great Britains minfields! Last time the captain let him steer the boat!
Mom used to volunteer at the VA Hospital there, she would push Veterans in wheelchairs throughout the many tunnels that run between buildings. Right after she went into a nursing home we went and she was pushing this lady all over the place...and the lady did not want to be pushed!
Mom worked for Holston Valley Defense, Kingsport, TN...they made bombs and bullets better. She would put some dynamite and other 'stuff' on a metal plate...walk behind a curtain...detonate it...then write down how loud and how much force was felt! The US knew that to go into Berlin we would need the biggest and baddest bombs we could make. The day we went into Berlin the supervisors ran throughout the plants screaming..."We just went into Belin...and we helped!" Toward the end of the war they started working on 'something big'...they did not know exactly what. When the first atomic bomb hit Japan...all the supervisors ran through the plant screaming, "We just hit Japan with an A-Bomb...and we helped!"
Dad was Jack Hart, Mom is Nadeen Hart, they both drove taxis in Greensboro for many years.
Great photo!

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