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Monday, April 04, 2011


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I miss my cardinals already!


Great contrast of white and red. And great spring mood.

Jane Mitchell

Interesting to learn that N.C. has a state folk dance (clogging) and a stage popular dance (shagging). The list of official state adoptions is a keeper.

Greensboro Daily Photo

Jane: Glad you were able to click through and have a look. We were thrilled to stumble on that site. I don't know if all states have one but the NC one is a GREAT resource. Food for thought for our blog.......

Greensboro Daily Photo

Nobody answered for us so we'll share:

The brown bear sees the red bird and the red bird sees the yellow duck! If you teach Kindergarten, Spanish, or ESL, likely you will find this site of use:



I love Eric Carle's books!
& I'm glad to see you know the answer.
: )
I like your lovely little red bird.


I love the children picture book. I collect them.
Eric Carle is excellent because children can do collage too. Good books for the young, like me;-)
Red bird red bird. My cat loves you!! His name is The Puddha and he meditates of you.

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