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Friday, April 15, 2011


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Bill S.

Thanks for the post about the new high school. I work at a high school that opened last fall. The faith we have in kids needs to grow and that is what building new schools doees.


A beautiful day for being out running, judging by the blue sky.
This looks like a huge school. Actually, form this angle it doesn't really look like a school.
I found that article you included to be rather interesting, too.

Jack Hart

My first thought that it was a prison! (Of course I am betting that about a thousand studnets think so too!)
I hope it is prettier than the photo shows...if not the taxpayers paid to much for design!

Pat, CA, USA

I like the three horizontal layers--sky, school and kids, and the grass in the foreground. I love your tax comment! :-D

Inside Cambodia

What a beautiful day, a beautiful weather you are having at the moment.

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