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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


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Reader Wil

I first thought the houses were in England, but lateron I noticed that they were not that old even if they were built in Tudor style! They are wonderful! I like such houses.
Thanks for your visit. No, I am sorry but I won't start a new blog, even if the new title of " Reader. Won't" is tempting(ha,ha...) ;)

Roger Green

That is a lovely house! I'd hate to be the one to clean it, though.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team


The house is very beautiful and a great idea to use the name of a road for K.


Your blog is a great source of information and knowledge!

abcw team


A house of this size and design requires beautiful landscaping. So glad the garden wasn't sacrificed.


Oh what a beautiful home and landscaping. I think I could be happy there:-)


Lovely house. And how great is the name Lake Euphemia?
Donna - ABC Team


How beautiful!


I thought this would be in England too - what a wonderful house! Very grand.

Thanks so much for contributing
ABC Team


These are stunning!

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