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Saturday, February 05, 2011


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barb farr

This is one of the most interesting I have seen lately.


Mine would probably say something about photography. I will have to think about it.

MacDougal Street Baby

I love capturing vanity plates. The strangest one I photoed read, "Tramp." Needless to say, I really wanted to know the back story on that one!


Now that is an awesome-wasome plate!
I might wait for the owner to return just because they might be "my" kind of people,with my luck their auntie borrowed the car.
Our 1948 Chevy Delivery has the plate " FINK U " now get those minds out of the gutter,it is all about Ed Roth's Rat Fink character. A big influence on the Dhs art and pinstriping.
My Father in Law didn't have a plate but had a great frame that read "Horn broken, Watch for finger!", I miss him!


I have no vanity tag on my car (there are not allowed in France) but if I had one I guess it would be something like "slow down", cause my car is quite an old lady and really don't like speed... :)


I am just afraid to think how it could look in Russia, with so many wild characters here..
Mine could be "Free spirit", or "Flying bird", you have got the picture).

EG Wow

I like reading vanity plates on other people's cars. :) Personally, I prefer anonymity. :)


I haven't seen this one before (in any state). Very nice!

Greensboro Daily Photo

Thanks everybody for the comments. Blogs are most fun when people react and respond. This was so much fun today! I'm with EG Wow who has a daily photo blog in East Gwillimbury, Ontario Canada. I LOVE reading vanity tags but also like my anonymity. Even a bumper sticker is a commitment.

Hats off to our blogger friend Janis out in California with her FINK U vanity tag.

We're on the lookout for another great vanity tag!


that one is pretty original, i approve! i don't like the ones where you can't figure out what they are trying to say - makes me crazy! I'd never buy one but for free..hmm, i'd have to think long and hard. Top of my head it'd be vegan something or other, or maybe some nerdy bird thing :)

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